We offer a variety of different groups and our Support Workers can help you with your physical wellness, creative and culinary skills and much more.

This part of the program can help you find ways to spend your leisure time so that it benefits your health and wellbeing. Our CCSS workers can help you find activities that promote sober living and healthy living. We also have the following groups: 


Physical Wellness 

We understand that exercise is very important. It helps to relieve stress, anger, and it keeps the body healthy. We understand that many of you may have recreational desires to use exercising as an outlet for stress or anger or as a way to remain healthy.  

Our CCSS workers offer physical exercising classes that you can attend just to stay healthy both mentally and physically. We provide the workout and the materials, you just need to show up!  

Creative Wellness  

Art is a great tool to express emotions, to deal with your feelings and to destress. It also provides you the chance to create something you can call your own. Art is a great way to let all of your frustrations out.  

Our CCSS workers provide art sessions for you to build and create your own piece of work. This is a great tool to help you work on your mental health. Again, all of the tools and materials are provided, you just need to come!